Subject Verb Agreement Exercise for Class 4: Learn the Basics

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Exercise on Subject Verb Agreement for Class 4

Subject-verb agreement is a crucial aspect of English grammar that must be understood and practiced from a young age. For class 4 students, it is important to learn the rules of subject-verb agreement in order to communicate effectively and accurately.

Understanding Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement refers to the matching of the subject and verb in a sentence. The verb must with the subject in of and person. For example, when the subject is singular, the verb must also be singular, and when the subject is plural, the verb must be plural as well.

Here some examples of subject-verb agreement:

Subject Verb
The cat is
The cats are
She plays
They play

Exercise on Subject-Verb

Now, let`s practice some exercises on subject-verb agreement for class 4 students. This will them and the rules effectively.

Exercise 1

Fill the with the form of the verb:

  1. The dog _____ in the park.
  2. She _____ to the music.
  3. They _____ basketball every evening.
  4. He _____ bananas for breakfast.

Exercise 2

Choose the verb to each sentence:

  1. The flowers _____ beautiful.
  2. The mountains _____ covered in snow.
  3. The book _____ on the table.
  4. The birds _____ in the sky.

Importance of Subject-Verb

Practicing subject-verb agreement not only students their skills, but their and abilities. According to a by the Journal of Psychology, students who have a grasp of perform in arts and comprehension tests.

By regular exercises on subject-verb in the classroom, can help students a foundation in English, which benefit them their and lives.

Subject-verb agreement is part of English that be and from an age. By class 4 in exercises and that on subject-verb agreement, can help them strong skills and their academic performance.

It for to create and exercises that learning for students. By so, can a for and in their setting them for in the future.

Now, get! The provided above are a way for class 4 to their of subject-verb agreement. Learning!

Top 10 Questions and on Subject-Verb for Class 4

Question Answer
1. What is subject-verb agreement? Subject-verb agreement is a legal binding between a subject and a verb, ensuring that they both match in number and person. It`s a dance the subject and the verb, where complement other.
2. Why is subject-verb agreement important in writing? Subject-verb agreement is crucial in writing as it maintains clarity and coherence in the text. It`s the of a legal – without it, the structure crumbles.
3. What are the common mistakes in subject-verb agreement? Common in subject-verb agreement mismatching subjects with verbs or versa. It`s a loophole can if not addressed.
4. How can I practice subject-verb agreement with my class 4 students? You can practice subject-verb agreement with your class 4 students by creating fun exercises and games. It`s a dry case an courtroom drama.
5. Can you give an example of subject-verb agreement? Sure! “The cat (singular subject) chases (singular verb) the mouse.” It`s like a perfectly crafted legal contract – everything aligns seamlessly.
6. How does subject-verb agreement impact comprehension? Subject-verb agreement enhances comprehension by establishing a smooth flow of information. It`s a a bulletproof argument that leaves no for doubt.
7. What resources can I use to teach subject-verb agreement? You can use worksheets, online games, and real-life examples to teach subject-verb agreement. It`s enlisting witnesses in a case to your argument.
8. Are there any exceptions to subject-verb agreement rules? Yes, are a exceptions, as collective and pronouns. It`s the to a statute – require consideration.
9. How can I assess my class 4 students` understanding of subject-verb agreement? You assess their by them quizzes and assignments. It`s the of a case through cross-examination.
10. What the benefits of subject-verb agreement? Mastering subject-verb agreement to writing and communication. It`s a a reputation as a professional – opens to success.

Exercise on Subject-Verb Agreement

This contract (the “Contract”) is entered into on this day [DATE] by and between the class 4 students (the “Students”) and the educational institution (the “Institution”).

Clause No. Description
1. This Contract be from the of by both and remain in until the of the on subject-verb agreement.
2. The of this Contract is to that the Students and subject-verb agreement in the English language.
3. The Students actively in the and related to subject-verb agreement by the Institution. The Institution necessary and to the exercise.
4. The Students with the and provided by the in to the on subject-verb agreement.
5. This Contract be by party upon notice in the of a by the party.
6. This Contract be by the of [STATE/COUNTRY] and any shall be through in with the of the [ARBITRATION BODY].
7. The hereto executed this as of the first above written.